— Our Story —


From humble beginnings we stay true to our roots

A couple of years ago, Greg was browsing items for sale online and found a hot dog cart that he so desperately wanted. Being a floor installer for most of his life, obviously a food cart seemed logical. Well, not in his wife’s mind…so she told him that he had to trade something for it, being that it was an obvious waste of money. He traded a few totes of old x-box games and picked up his brand new (used) hot dog cart.

While still working part time at a local coffee shop, and Darcy working full time as a clinical analyst while they raised their two toddlers Dexter and Alice, they started Dex’s Dogs, a hot dog cart in Palmer Lake with gourmet hot dogs and grilled fruits, named after their son Dexter. A year later, through lots of hard work and determination, that cart turned into a full-time restaurant, Dex’s Diner.

Maybe due to the nature of their location, stationed centrally in town, or maybe due to Darcy and Greg’s hospitable nature and willingness to get involved in the community, Dex’s Diner largely became a place where people came together, and amazing things happened.

Dex’s Depot, born out of Dex’s Diner, continues the same legendary Southern Dishes as Dex’s Diner, with the same love of the community and hospitality of the hot dog cart or the diner, in a much larger atmosphere (the former Depot) with a full bar and games such as Texas Hold Em and Bingo on select nights. Continuing to give back, all gaming proceeds belong to the American Legion.

We hope that you come for our delicious home cooked comfort foods and craft cocktails and stay for our hospitality and welcoming atmosphere.